Backed by over two decades of experience with renowned vendors, BCS’s provides systems integration services to companies that require a new IT system, networking system, or an upgrade or expansion of their existing IT or network system. This involves the design and implementation of integrated services that can be tailored and adjusted to the customer’s unique requirements.

Upon the completion of a system’s integration project, we may continue to provide other services, such as maintenance and support and networking hardware and software upgrades, to our customers from time to time at a fee to be mutually agreed upon according to the workload and time required to carry out such work. The maintenance services that we offer to our customers cover both remote and on-site maintenance.

As is the case for any other service offered by BCS, the processes and procedures used for the system integration activities performed by our technicians are continuously updated and annually audited as part of our ISO 9001:2008 certification requirements.

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System Integration Services

About BCS

BCS was founded in 1992, by former employees of EI BULL HN branch office in Macedonia. BCS’s initial business activities were centered to provide installation for Honeywell/Bull mainframe hardware.

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